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  • Enterprise interview | The division in the difficult course,Just to hit a record high
  • Chizhou TV and chizhou daily reporter to anhui branch in the interview!
  • Secco:stay true to the missio,Keep in mind that the mission!
  • “P companies to build”The workstation in families!
  • Anhui branch in the success of the national wood plastic branch of director meeting
  • Division in the assembly for wooden door products,4Big reason for exposure
  • Division in the ecological environment Then the national authoritative authentication
  • KOJODivision in the international biomass peak BBS
  • Industry benchmarking|R to become《Bamboo fiber integrated metope》Editor in chief of the unit
  • Leading technology  With five families in won 21 invention patents for utility model patents
  • Division in the prefabricated wall system  Beautiful home to your health
  • I wish you a happy New Year's day in!
  • There is a new way of life  For the young you
  • Metope summit together industry elite  The quality to win the first chief
  • ODMForm a complete set of experts——Secco Help you to do simple products
  • Division in the whole house custom release new material-Traditional families in prefabricated wall crack entire four calories
  • On his return KOJOFamilies and won the fifth wooden door technology conference in new category Jin Zhi award
  • Fabricated in the wall——Children room series
  • Division in the prefabricated wall won2017The annual《China's top ten big brand wall》
  • Decryption division in prefabricated wall mouldproof the truth
  • The public beta,Environmental protection------Decoding section in the whole of the mystery of the ten ring products for environmental protection certification
  • Section in two(Industrialization、Intelligent)Construction officially started
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