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The company is a professional engaged in instrumentation、Gas pipeline equipment technology research、Development、Design、Production、Sales and provide manufacturers to provide technical services integrated solutions

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Chengdu Aaron instrument co., LTD., established in1995Years,Registration time2001,The company is located in east district of chengdu industry,Cover an area of an area35000Square meters,About building area26000Square meters,Research and development、Testing center6900Square meters。The company is a professional engaged in instrumentation、Gas transmission equipment research、Development、Design、Production、Sales and technical services of integrated solutions providers。The company sets10A functional departments,Now employees nearly300People。One of them:Research and development and technical personnel32People(Including Dr2Name,On-the-job graduate students2Name and part-time professor2Name,)Engineering and technical service personnel56People(Are the bachelor degree)。

Company.our accurately、Security、And reliable、Economic concept to send gas to families,We sincerely provide from planning to design、Production、The test、Comprehensive maintenance services。


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Products are widely used in city gas、The oil、Petrochemical industry、Colored、Metallurgy、Light industry、Electric power、Coal、Environmental protection、New sources of energy、And other fields,Is the domestic with independent research and development、Production、Sales gas regulator and flow meter of productive enterprises。

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Shaanxi sense door station

Petrochina kunlun ruili door station

Petrochina gao Yang door station

Shaanxi jiaxian door station

1995The company was founded in1995Years
The registered capital6000Ten thousand yuan
35000Cover an area of an area35000Square meters
300The existing staff300More than one

The company relies on excellent talents,Scientific management,The exquisite technology and advanced marketing idea,Dare to challenge、Dedicated fuel gas undertakings。The company is“Chinese city gas association”The member unit,Has been successful for several large corporation。


Company equipment research and development production base and test of gas transmission and distribution center(A period)Project completion environmental protection acceptance of the public
Company equipment research and development production base and test of gas transmission and distribution center(A period)Project completion environmental protection acceptance of the public
The company technology center was identified“The enterprise technology center of chengdu”The title
2019Years7Month,By my company up to declare,Over the district bureau recommendation letter、Expert review、On-site verification and the public,Chengdu Aaron kind instrument co., LTD. Technology center were identified for the economic and information bureau of chengdu“2019In the enterprise technology center of chengdu”。(【2019】W-344Number)
China gas company“Supplies here”,Approval become gas qualified suppliers in China。
China gas company“Supplies here”,Approved as China gas qualified suppliers。
Vice general instrument company won the district“Xiang city artisans”The title
Company vice Chen gang from general instrument technology2005Years8Month, graduated from southwest petroleum university of electronic information engineering,After graduation has been in the company is engaged in the intelligent instrument and equipment and software research and development work,From an ordinary technicians growth core layer of managers to the company,His experience is worthy of our learning!To join our company13Over the years,He has successively presided over、Participation and independent completed a number of research and development tasks:1Invention patent、11The utility model patents and11A software copyright, etc;He also scored《Electronics engineer》The title,You passed《The secondary measurement engineers》Professional qualification。2019Years4Month is

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