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Hebei bunroku sculpture handicraft sales co., LTD

The company was founded in2016Years06Month06Day,Is a focus on copper incense burner maintenance(Design)Professional manufacturers。The company since its establishment,The development of the industry is committed to sculpture,To keep pace with The Times,Powerful network platform、The professional team of the company、Familiar with the marketing team of the market and special services,To create excellent enterprises copper incense burner field。We always adhere to the“The good faith、Pragmatic、Innovation、Beyond”The core values,Comprehensive implementation“To zero complaint as the ultimate goal,Starting point is good service requirements”The service tenet,Win-win cooperation with our clients。

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    Rectangular copper incense burner manufacturer
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    Rectangular copper incense burner manufacturer
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    Monastery copper censer foundries
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    Rectangular copper incense burner factory
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    Rectangular copper censer foundries

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Rectangular copper incense burner_Chongqing rectangular copper incense burner manufacturer_Recommend the information rest assured choice,Update time:2019-01-05

Rectangular copper incense burner_Chongqing rectangular copper incense burner manufacturer_Recommend the information rest assured choice

My company in copper incense burner,Iron incense burner,Cast copper incense burner,Copper censer foundries,Rectangular copper incense burner,Large copper censer casting such as sculpture、Design、Production has rich experience,Especially in today's emerging city square sculptures、Commercial pedestrian street character sculpture、Delicate censer sculpture is more good at。Boshan ship censers also said boshan ship furnace,Also known as smoked furnace,Is the western han dynasty instruments commonly used incense,Can be used to lavender、Smoked in deodorization、Avoid dirty。High figure in the northern and southern dynasties boshan ship incense burner13Cm,Diameter11Cm,Up and down two floors,Can be natural and close。The upper part of the fine workmanship and beautiful,Thread sculpture,Like a burning torch,Enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained;And like a mountainous overlapping Angle mountain,From the bottom up,The whole mountain strewn at random have send,Combined with the central spire,Just for13The article,This is a lucky number in Chinese traditional culture。Boshan ship has four small holes in the incense burner,When shoulders internal burning incense,From hollow out of the flue gas“In the mountains”Flowing out of it,Dust fills the air,Give a person with oneself the fairyland feeling。Its lower part for light shape,The bottom is flat,Glaze of cream-colored color glaze,No make-up soil,In addition to the local product glaze slightly thick,Glazing evenly,There are quite a few small open piece of glaze。Cover、The furnace,One integrated mass。
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